It's been a while! Here is a brief update on our life this past year...


One Year

This video of William on his birthday says more than I can about his 1st year...

He's grown big, strong, and fun.
His cousins love him like he is their own brother and I'll forever be grateful to them for this.

Little-kid birthday parties rock. 
There are cool cakes,

lots of fun presents,

and tons of family.

And why don't we keep the tradition of diving into our birthday cake with our bare hands?

Happy Birthday William!
You are awesome.


Avant-garde Photo Shoot

Steve and I did a photo shoot for hair & makeup artist Julianna Bowman. 

It was an avant-garde themed and shot on the 5D and 7D.
Julie has a fun style and we tried to create the lighting to match it.

The focus of the photo shoot was to highlight her hair and makeup design. 


 Julie hard at work  

Working with Steve makes this dream job even better.
He is a fantastic photographer and I learn something new from him on every shoot.

In some ways capturing a story using still photography is harder than telling a story through a video.
In a movie you have 24 frames per second to help tell your story. 
In still photography you only have 1 frame,
1 frame to communicate your message, mood, and approach.

 Julie's salon for the studio space
Underfunded Film Production for the great deal on lights
 Brady and Becca for watching William during the shoot!